Water Filtration Systems
for the Commercial Sector

With our high quality, specialist range of water filtration products, we are able to provide our customers with the best solution for their ever-expanding range of commercial water filtration requirements.

We are proud to supply our water filtration systems into businesses within the commercial sector from across a large range of divisions, including:

  • Office Blocks

  • Data Centres

  • Hospitals

  • Shopping Centres/Retail

  • Universities

  • District Heating

  • MOD Buildings

  • Government Buildings



We provide a specialist range of water filtration products suitable for use within the commercial sector.

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Our products are suitable for installation across a large range of applications within the commercial sector.

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IWF Commercial Projects

  • IWF Commercial Projects

    Side-stream filtration

    Of Data Centre Chilled Water System
    This chilled water system in recent years has had a history of poor water quality as a result of acidic conditions resulting in high levels of suspended iron and corrosive conditions which can be a common situation.

    It was thought that the solids may be ‘organic’ in nature and could originate from biofilms within the system.

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