Closed Loop Heating & Chilled Water Systems

A closed loop heating and chilled water system that does not have the correct filtration system in place to control the levels of suspended solids can experience a number of issues.


Benefits experienced when the correct filtration system is installed
  • A reduction in metals component failure and replacement cost
  • Maintained water distribution throughout the system without the need for aggressive cleaning/flushing
  • Control over biological growth
  • A longer performance life of system components with lower maintenance and downtime costs
  • Maintained heat transfer and system correct operation
  • Maintained design, energy efficiency and running cost
  • Minimal chemical costs required for any water treatment
Issues experienced without the correct filtration system:
  • Erosion of metal components
  • System corrosion
  • A build-up of solids and scale which reduces water flow to areas of the system
  • Biological growth
  • An increase in wear and tear to seals, valve and other components
  • Decreased heat transfer and temperature performance
  • Decreased system energy efficiency
  • Increase in chemical requirement and cost/decrease in water treatment chemical performance

closed-loop installation

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