Bags and Cartridges

Within our dedicated product range, we manufacture stainless steel bag and cartridge filter housings to suit standard sizes of filters.

hgbf cartridge

  • Low investment cost
  • Low replacement cost – Depending on sizes, grades etc
  • High Loading capacity
  • Versatile- a wide range of grades and flow rates are available
  • Easy to use
  • Zero water loss
  • Highly versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications


Typical Applications
  • Process water filtration
  • Washwater recovery
  • Water reuse
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food manufacturing
  • Wastewater polishing


Bag Filtration

This is an effective method of removing a wide range of material from water, usually small particles of a low concentration. Filter bags are available in a variety of sizes, determined by the systems flow rate, filtration grade and expected solids loading.

As water is filtered through the system, the bag becomes loaded with solids retained during the filtration process. Once fully loaded, the bag is replaced via a relatively quick process and the cycle starts over.

Cartridge Filtration

This is an effective method for removing fine particles from water but with an enhanced filter performance compared to bag filtration of between 5mm – 0.1 micron.

Cartridge filters are manufactured from various materials and have a number of different construction designs including pleated, spun-bonded, meltblown and sinstered which all have varying advantages to suit each application and the material being removed from the system.

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