It is imperative to have an industrial water filtration system in order to maintain and control the correct conditions required by farmers and to also provide an environmentally safe environment.

Our team has been supplying the aquaculture industry with effective, high quality solutions for decades.

Reduced maintenance costs

Within the aquaculture industry, system downtime is something that no company wants to experience. Our water filtration systems offer reduced maintenance costs with their self-cleaning technologies and equipment is better maintained resulting in less breakdowns. Companies also see a large increase in productivity, ultimately increasing profitability and a much lower mortality rate of their organisms.

Our water filtration systems also heavily reduce water consumption by re-using the water that flows through them, reducing costs by up to 50% if the water is reused just once.

Enhanced biological control

Keeping waters clean is essential. We offer enhanced biological control with every system, filtering to less than 1 micron, meaning that water treatments are kept to a minimum and you can be assured that all organisms are being kept in the highest quality conditions.

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