Heating & Chilled Water Filtration

In all heating and chilled water systems, there will be a natural build up of particles which can reduce efficiency and increase energy consumption.

Having the correct water filtration for heating and cooling systems will help to remove suspended particulates down to less than 1 micron, which has been proven to produce energy savings of between 15 and 20% of total energy costs.

Reduce the onset of any dangerous disease

Evaporative cooling towers are very common in industry and due to the nature of their operation, there is a risk of biological growth in the water which can cause legionnaires  disease. Commonly, this is treated with the use of chemicals. Having the correct filtration technology reduces the biological growth, reducing chemical dosing costs and ultimately, the onset of any dangerous diseases.

Avoid extensive repairs due to fouling

Not only do water filtration systems increase energy savings and keep systems safe from disease, if you do not have one of these in place, the build up of fouling within chillers, heat exchangers and cooling towers can cause extensive (and expensive) repairs or even replacement, which in turn leads to loss of production.

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