Bag and Cartridge Filter Housings

Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd specialize in the supply and manufacture of self-cleaning industrial water filters, in order to meet our customer’s requirements we also manufacture and supply bag and cartridge filter housings.  In this particular application we provided a bag and cartridge filter housings assembly to act as a pre-filter and a polishing water filter prior to treatment through a carbon bed filter.

This bag and cartridge filter housings assembly was designed specifically for this particular application to provide effective water filtration at the desired water flow rate.

This bag and cartridge filter housings system was built with pump controls to allow for automatic pump shut-off and start up depending on the water levels of the water to be filtered.

Bag filter housing specification:-

Type:- “Double Length” bag filter housing fitted with vent, pressure gauge and drain point.

Material of housing manufacture:-   SS304 Stainless Steel

Filtration Grade:-Adjustable to suit.

Cartridge filter  housing specification:-

Type:-  To fit 6 off 30″ cartridges cartridge filter housing is fitted with vent, drain point and pressure gauge.

Material of housing manufacture:-  SS304 Stainless Steel.

Filtration Grade:- Adjustable to suit


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Bag and Cartridge filter housings
Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd are provide a range of industrial water filters including Bag and Cartridge filter housings

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