Cooling Tower Filtration

The installation of an industrial water filtration system within a cooling tower is key to any business looking to save considerable amounts of money on their water costs, plus reaping many other great benefits along the way.


Contamination to newly installed systems

For example, a cooling tower that is installed for air conditioning purposes, requires a filtration system due to process water picking up particulate contamination within months on any newly installed system.

Issues associated with particulate contamination

This can lead to a number of problems, including expensive maintenance, repairs and replacement of essential components as well as a large decrease in system performance, resulting in an increase in energy consumption.

Having the correct water filtration system in place will keep any cooling tower running smoothly providing a range of benefits, including:
  • Reduced system maintenance and repairs with our self-cleaning technology
  • Increased/maintained system performance, reducing power consumption and increasing energy savings water distribution throughout the system without the need for aggressive cleaning/flushing
  • Enhanced control over water treatment chemical use and cost.
  • Greater temperature control from a clean system
  • 6 months ROI (depending on the application)


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