Vortek CSF

The Vortek CSF (closed system filter) has been developed for use within both the commercial and industrial industries as a solution for sidestream filtration requirements. It is ideal for use in closed loop heated and chilled water systems, providing system protection from the build-up of suspended solids.

Thanks to the Vortek CSF’s unique design, the system is able to provide filtration grades of up to sub 1 micron, whilst providing a removal rate of up to 98%. Through development, the Vortek CSF is able to run for extended periods between filter changes and only requires 2-5 minutes to complete a filter change with no tools required.


  • Cyclonic effect’ inlet design allowing for heavier solids to be drawn away from the filter cartridge to extend filter life between change-outs
  • Spun-bonded cartridges provide reliable filtration performance and excellent dirt holding capacity.
  • The system is easy and safe to use with minimal manual handling
  • A high flow rate capacity, allowing for the system to be fitted to a wide-range of LTHW, MTHW and chilled water systems
  • Easy to use configurable LCD display screen with live filter monitoring and notifications which provides the user with up-to-date filter loading to aid scheduled maintenance
  • BMS connections as standard and optional SMS/email for remote monitoring
Typical Applications
  • LTHW sidestream filtration
  • HVAC sidestream filtration
  • Chilled water systems
  • Water recovery
  • Leisure industry pools and spas
  • Boiler system protection


  • High performance – filtration range of 0.5 – 50µm using nominally rated cartridges which provide an excellent dirt holding capacity.
  • Safe and quick chemical dosing – clamp assembly, allowing the lid to be removed safely and quickly by hand without the need for specialist tools or excessive, time-consuming handling.
  • Automatic air release – this allows the vessel to be automatically purged of any air introduced into the system during dosing/filter operations.
  • Easy filter load monitoring – provided by our built-in filter loading meter.
  • Insulation jacket – supplied as standard to maintain thermal efficiency.
  • High quality construction – manufactured from stainless steel to PED (pressure equipment directive) standards, allowing for a safe and reliable performance life.
  • Tangential Inlet – this creates a ‘cyclonic’ effect within the filter vessel body, keeping heavy solids away from the filter, extending filter cartridge life.
  • British-made, high quality construction, in accordance with PED/CE directives.

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