Potable Water Filtration

Potable water is water that is deemed safe for human consumption. Within businesses, potable water is used for many other purposes other than consumption e.g the irrigation of landscapes or vegetable washing which can result in large annual water costs to a business.

We recommend the following products that can be used for effective potable water filtration:

OVF 350

Velocitek OVF Media Filter
  • Pre-treatment for RO plants
  • Pre-treatment before disinfection/sterilisation
  • Removal of iron/manganese
  • Filtration as part of desalinisation
  • Improve water clarity and reduce turbidity

Self-Cleaning Screen Filtration
  • Guaranteed filtration degrees obtained
  • Highly efficient with minimal water loss
  • Continuous filtration throughout operation
  • Suitable for low and high flow rates
  • Removal of solid in preparation for RO
  • Filtration in preparation of ozone treatment
  • Filtration as part of desalinisation

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