Velocitek OVF

We are proud manufacturers of the Velocitek OVF (Optimum Velocity Filter), our self-cleaning water filtration system that adapts to each application, providing the most effective filter performance.

This product is available in a range of filter sizes providing an unlimited flow rate.


  • Filtration performance to <1.0 micron
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning system
  • Minimal maintenance and energy costs
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Minimal to zero backwash water consumption
  • Its compact design provides low system footprint
  • Reduced reliance on chemical use
  • There is a wide range of flow rates available throughout the product range
  • Very short backwash times
  • High tolerance to solids loading
Typical Applications
  • Heating and chilled water filtration
  • Cooling tower protection
  • Process water filtration
  • RO/ membrane pre-filtration
  • HVAC system filtration
  • Wastewater filtration
  • Water remediation
  • Borehole and river water extraction
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Leisure pools and spas
  • Effluent conditioning and polishing for water reuse


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