Waste Water Filtration

Our range of industrial water filtration systems are key to reducing your overall waste water disposal costs.

Reuse waste

Reuse waste water to reduce disposal costs

In many instances, industrial waste water, instead of being disposed of which is costly to any business, can be filtered, treated, and then reused for the same or a different application.

Obtain ROI within months

Significant cost savings are associated with the filtration of waste water and a very rapid Return on Investment (ROI) can be obtained on our water filtration solutions within months for many customers.


Waste Water Disposal Example
  • Monthly industrial waste water disposal cost – £8,333
  • Annual industrial waste water disposal cost – £100,000

With the installation of an industrial water filter with a self-cleaning screen filter, considerably reducing the size of the solids present to 80 micron, then a high efficiency media filter further reducing the solids down to 0.45 micron, you will be looking at costings like the below:

  • Cost of filtration equipment (including running costs) – £50,000
  • ROI – 6 months


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