Boiler Water Feed

Boiler water feed is the water used to supply a boiler which is turned into steam by the boiler system for use. This process causes a concentration of impurities including particulate and suspended solids to build up within the boiler if the feedwater is not treated correctly.


The introduction of these impurities can cause issues such as fouling, scaling and corrosion within the boiler, leading to:
  • An increase in operating energy costs
  • Increased chemical treatment costs due to a rise in the requirement of “blowdown”
  • A reduction in heat transfer due to a poorer general performance
  • Higher maintenance costs due to corrosion related damage
With the correct water filtration system in place to remove the impurities from the water entering the boiler (feedwater) the following benefits can be experienced:
  • Maintained energy efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs
  • Reduced chemical costs as the requirement for blowdown is less
  • Maintained heat transfer, giving a better overall system performance due to reduction in scale build-up
  • Lower corrosion rates, prolonging boiler operational life
  • Lower maintenance costs


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