Cooling Tower Filtration

Improving the quality of water in a Cooling Tower will have significant impact on profits and production. Therefore, looking at ways to reduce fouling, maintenance costs and equipment failure is often an ongoing issue faced when looking at improving the efficiency of Cooling Towers and cooling water systems. However, the answer is simple Cooling Tower Filtration.

By removing, or filtering, the various contaminants found in Cooling Towers, such as algae, silt, airborne debris and chemical residue etc that build up over time, water quality is immediately improved.

Filtration, is a relatively inexpensive solution to these ongoing issues, also provides many other benefits to companies using cooling towers.

  • Increase in profits. More effective heat transfer resulting in a reduction of energy consumption and increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduction in costs of maintenance, cleaning of equipment and production “downtime”.
  • Greater control over chemical dosing regimens as a result of improved water quality after filtration.
  • Risk of legionella is greatly reduced as the cooling tower is regularly maintained and kept free from solids which form a source of nutrient for Bacteria.

But with all the filtration technologies available on the market today, which will achieve the best results in cooling towers?

The range of filters available is vast and often confusing, all differing in size, efficiency and cost. However, only certain types of filtration will be appropriate for the cooling tower applications and will guarantee the removal of solids that exist within Cooling Towers.

The VELOCITEK OVF self-cleaning filtration system is able to filter down to less than 1 micron, would ensure the removal of all the associated contaminants. In addition to this, thanks to VELOCITEK OVF’s design and when connected in side stream the VELOCITEK OVF filter system can be much smaller and compact in size than the alternative sand filters available, as a result the capital investment is significantly reduced. The VELOCITEK OVF has further advantages to other technologies on the market with a more efficient backwashing system that boasts significantly less water loss compared to other similar products available on the market used for Cooling Tower Filtration.

The success of the VELOCITEK OVF in cooling water applications has been proven in a wide range of case studies with customers experiencing significant improvements in their processes with immediate effect. Impressive results can even be seen via temporary test rig units which are available for trails and water testing prior to purchase.

In summary, all the issues faced when using cooling towers no longer need to be costly barriers to production. With minimal capital investment, installation of a side stream media filtration system, such as the VELOCITEK OVF, would not only ensure the removal of contaminants within cooling towers to less than 1 micron, but also enhance chemical dosing efficiency and water loss within the process, leading to cost savings and increased profitability………goals we are all continuously striving to achieve.

OVF 200
This range of Paper Bed filters supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd is in use in a manufacturing facility for filtering out a large amount of solids from waste water making the waste water reusable in the system.

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