Filters for waste water recovery

One of our latest projects has been to provide a user friendly solution for providing waste water recovery.  Our customer was previously collecting the waste water from their process in containers and then had them removed from site for disposal.  With one of our range of  Paper Bed filters in place providing filtration to a degree of 30 micron.  After filtration the waste water was clean enough to be reused in the system.  By using the Paper bed filter in this way for waste water recovery, our customer is able to reduce the amount of water used for system replenishment and the waste water is being recovered for reuse remove the costs associated with removal and disposal previously incurred.

This range of Paper Bed Filter supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd provides effective filtration for a wide range of water applications including among them waste water recovery.  The Paper Bed filter supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd is available in Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel and provide filtration at a wide range of filter degrees to suit each individual filter application including waste water recovery.

Paper Bed filters
This range of Paper Bed filters supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd is in use in a manufacturing facility for filtering out a large amount of solids from waste water making the waste water reusable in the system.


Advantages of Paper Bed Filters:- 

  • Self- cleaning technology.
  • Robust – low maintenance requirement.
  • Easy waste removal.
  • Economic Paper consumption.
  • Compact – small system footprint.

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