Our latest order for a Velocitek OVF 350 Filter System

Our latest order for a Velocitek OVF 350 Water Filter System has been completed and ready for dispatch to our Client’s manufacturing site.

This Fully Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter System will be used in side-stream to remove particles currently fouling their process cooling water system.  With this system in place our client will see the following benefits: –

  • Longer production run times between cleaning operations – Higher productivity
  • Lower frequency in water system maintenance and repairs – Lower maintenance and Repair costs
  • Longer periods between water changes – Reduced Water Costs
  • Lower reliance on Water Treatment Chemicals – Lower Chemical Costs

By selecting the Velocitek OVF system our client has installed a system which provides these features: –

  • Filtration of solids down to below 1 micron in size
  • Zero consumable filter costs
  • Fully Automatic Self-Cleaning System
  • Very Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Small system size for Filtration Flow provided

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