Rotary Drum Filter Systems Filtering Process Water

We were briefed by our client with providing a solution for filtering out “fibrous” solids from their process water system. One of the main purposes for this was to reduce on their large water and maintenance costs. This was due to the need to drain and flush the system frequently. As the solids loading was high and fibrous in nature Rotary Drum Filters were ideal for this project.

Rotary Drum Filter Systems filtering process water
Rotary Drum Filter Systems filtering process water

We supplied and commissioned 3 off Self-Cleaning Drum Filter systems fitted with 60 micron stainless steel filter screens. These rotary drum filters were manufactured from SS304 and installed in Duty/Duty/Standby configuration, we also supply rotary drum filters from polypropylene to suit different applications.

We specified and supplied rotary drum filters for this project for these reasons: –

  • Fully automatic self-cleaning system
  • Low maintenance solution
  • Reliable filtration performance
  • Gravity fed
  • Heavy solids loading capacity


Rotary Drum Filter Screen and Spray Bar
Rotary Drum Filter Screen and Spray Bar

This range of self-cleaning industrial water filtration system is designed to provide a wide range of filtration grades and flow rates to meet a host of industrial water applications. We offer this range in “Tank-type” (as pictured) or “Frame-Type” for installation into open water systems.

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