Success with Closed Loop Chilled Water Filter

Immediate results on a Closed Loop Chilled Water Filter system with the Velocitek OVF 300

Chilled Water Filtration

Hydro-Gen was contacted by local Brewery regarding issues with rust and fine solids within their chilled water system. So we had just the solution – our Velocitek OVF chilled water filter system. Rated to 4.5m3/hr down to less than 1 micron filtration grade. The immediate results speak for themselves!

Velocitek-300 trial-samples

This client has recently invested in a new chiller system and was concerned their current water quality would damaged the the new chiller. Their initial objective was to clean up the chilled water with chilled water filtration before the new chiller system was installed.

The Solution:

The Velocitek OVF system unit was installed onto the chilled water system to filter out the particles from the water before the new chiller was installed.

It soon became clear that after the Velocitek OVF chilled water filtration system was removed. But the clean water in the process would soon turn “dirty” again.  So this could be easily avoided with a small-footprint permanently installed Velocitek OVF system.

Other benefits:

of side-stream chilled water filtration  include: –

  • Control of suspended solids reducing component wear and potential damage.
  • Removal of solids build-up with pipework and components maintaining optimal system efficiency and heat transfer.
  • Reduction in system maintenance costs and downtime for system repair.
  • Reduction in water use as lower requirement for system flushes and cleaning


The Velocitek OVF system is proving successful in all manufacturing applications where chilled water filtration is required. We have a wide range of models and sizes to suit all flow rates.

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