The Rotary Drum Filter – The Advantages!

Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd offer a specially selected range of industrial water filtration systems to suit the very wide range of industrial water applications.  One of the products we offer is the Rotary Drum Filter.  In this blog we provide a brief description of the operation, applications and some of the advantages of the rotary drum filter provides in industry.

Operational Description.

The Rotary Drum Filter is a self-cleaning filter technology, the water to be filtered enters via the filter inlet through the drum screen under gravity as no pressure is required for operation this also provides a low power requirement for operation, as filtration proceeds the drum screen rotates slowly providing continuous operation.  The filtered particulate which is retained on the filter screen is washed off the screen with the use of a spray bar and deposited into a collection tray and is removed from the filter.  The filtered water is deposited into a filtered water tank (tank design filter) and out via the filter outlet connection.  Or the with the frame type of Rotary Drum Filter the filtered water is deposited into the clean water reservoir.

Advantages of the Rotary Drum Filter.

  • No Pressure Requirement:- As the water enters the filter screen under gravity pressure with no pressure required, this suits many applications where this is no pressure available.
  • Low Energy Consumption:- The Rotary Drum Filter requires a very low amount of energy to operate in comparison to alternative filter technologies.
  • Wide range of flow rates:- Our filters are manufactured to suit each application we can design our filters to suit a wide range of flow rates to suit all industrial applications.
  • Wide range of filtration grades:- As above our filters are manufactured to suit our customer’s requirements, we offer the screens to be manufactured from a wide range of filtration grades.
  • Continuous filtration:- The rotary drum filter requires no period of shutdown to self-clean as it self-cleans whilst filtering.
  • Choice of MOC (material of construction):- We offer the rotary drum filter manufacture Stainless Steel SS304,SS316 and Polypropylene PP to suit our customer’s requirements.
  • Choice of Screen design:- We offer the drum screen in mesh and wedge-wire to suit our customer’s applications.

Common Rotary Drum Filter applications:-

  • Aquaculture including fisheries.
  • Wastewater and Effluent filtration.
  • Process water filtration.
  • Cooling water filtration.

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