Velocitek OVF 700 latest install on Data Centre cooling tower system


Project – Side-stream filtration for a chilled water system in a large Data Centre in London

Application: – Providing side-stream filtration in a Cooling Tower chilled water system to remove suspended solids.

Product – Velocitek OVF700 Filtration System

Benefits: – The Velocitek OVF automatic self cleaning filter is now continually removing suspended solids down to less than 1.0 micron from the system, improving efficiency and providing a higher level of protection to the entire chilled water system.

Our fully automatic technology requires very little maintenance and zero filter replacement costs, providing significant cost savings to the client and reducing system downtime.

Our Velocitek OVF range of filtration systems can provide cost savings and improve efficiency in any closed loop, chilled water system, with amazing results.

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