Water filters for chiller protection

A huge amount of manufacturing facilities, and large buildings such as offices use chillers and heat ex-changers to provide chilled water.  This water can be used as process water or for climate control reasons.  However, over a relatively short period of time chilled water systems can become fouled by various particulate including rust and biological fouling.

This particulate suspended in the water system can build-up and cause irreparable damage to chillers, heat ex-changer and other equipment such as valves and pumps.  With the correct water filters for chiller protection in place, water systems are kept free from build-up and damage and repair/replacement costs are avoided.

In  this project we supplied and commissioned a self-cleaning high efficiency media filter connected in side-stream to their chilled water system.  This was installed as a solution to an existing problem of particulate build-up,  with our water filters for chiller protection in place the solids present in this system were reduced by over 80% in just 2 days.

This high efficiency media filter supplied by Hydro-Gen is self-cleaning technology and once set up requires minimal attention.  Manufactured from Stainless Steel with copper pipework this Water filter is as a filters for chiller protection or hot water system protection.

This particular model of water filter can be wall mounted or in this case mounted on a specially designed frame to allow for  mobile use to serve as a filters for chiller protection for more than one system.  As this system is connected in side-stream to the main system the water filter can operate independently without any effect to the main system flow.

If you have chilled or heated water systems in place at your facility and would like to know more about how our range of water filters for chiller protection can provide particulate removal or prevention of solids build-up please contact us or email enquiries@hydro-genengineering.co.uk and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements in detail.

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